UNStudio, a Dutch design company has a vision of how the smart neighbourhoods of the future are going to look like. Their vision will be created in Helmond’s Brandevoort District in the Netherlands. The idea behind the project is to design it as a flexible grid that can be tailored to the demands of the future residents. The name of the project is Brainport Smart District, and it will explore all crucial aspects of life in a neighbourhood – safety, health, social cohesion, independent energy systems and transport technologies. The project will be like an experiment, and it is going to change depending on the needs of the users.

Brainsport Smart District will have a total of 12 hectares of business space and 1,500 new homes. The developers are using all the knowledge and latest technologies to build a sustainable and socially cohesive neighbourhood, which will care more about the generation of energy, water management, food production, data management and the transport systems. The residential part of the BSD will be located around the central park and surrounded by natural and business spaces. The designers wanted the landscape to be a good environment for water, food, energy and waste processing.

When finished, Brainport Smart District will cover 155 hectares (equivalent to 320 football fields). UNStudio planned for the whole district to be organised in rows of strips that will split it into ten parts, enabling it to have both urban and landscape sections. However, all parts of the neighbourhood, both natural and urban, will allow residents to enjoy working and living.

UNStudio even went one step further, saying that the residents could start thinking like a commune and start working together on land cultivation and shared energy generation. Also, BSD will share data that should help develop even better public spaces, buildings and landscapes in the district.