Sustainable design still can be beautiful; as is evidenced by a new ecoconscious village conceptualised by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Created in conjunction with AKT II and Hilson Mortan, these prime products of futuristic design will be built on the Caribbean island of Roatan. Each home has been designed in consideration of the climate, terrain and culture of the area, and couples regional craftsmanship with trending design techniques. They feature classic timberwork, advanced design and engineering.

The initial homes granted the design team the chance to comprehend the regional supply chain, logistics and building techniques that stand to enhance the local economy. They use this information to cultivate a digital configuration platform that will empower island dwellers to plan individualised houses and make connections with regional suppliers.

This design places a priority on sustainability and is pivotal to an idealised vision for Roatán Próspera, Erick A. Brimen, CEO of Honduras Próspera LLC, stated via a related press release. Roatán Próspera will empower the regional economy while building houses defined by their natural surroundings.

The houses will be separated into a “kit of parts” that can be built on the site by the island’s workforce. The concept is that by hiring regional craftspeople, tradespeople and construction teams, the project can boost the island economy while granting laborers experience with fresh modes of technologies.

The homes are modular by design and include sustainable timber sourced from certified forests on the Honduran mainland. A special system guarantees that all components of the logs are used to reduce waste and pollution. This process also reduces construction energy and lessens the development’s carbon footprint.

The homes will be self-shaded and ventilated via a fresh sea breeze to allow for natural cooling. When needed, water also can be filtered from the air through dehumidification for a bit of a chill. The residences are self-contained due to special canopies that also serve as solar power systems and ensnare UV rays to create renewable energy. Each home will be equipped with batteries to contain extra electricity for future applications.

And, as per The Queen of Curves, Zaha Hadid and her style the units are lovely, coming complete with her signature flowing lines and cascading levels. Each owner customises the unit design to their specific requirements. The design layout offers options of built-in furniture modules, such as walk-in wardrobes, cooling pools and conversation pits, and homeowners can hire area suppliers to craft furniture particular to every room.

The island of Roatán is about to become even more lovely and sustainable.