Frank Geskus – “Trevallyn House”

Frequently Asked Questions 

All applicants pay an upfront fee of $1895. This fee does not include any government levy for registration as a building designer.

There is an annual renewal fee of $450. This fee does not include any government levy for registration as a building designer.

Applicants will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their application within five (5) working days and will be contacted by email within fifteen (15) working days if additional information is required. Accreditation applications are finalised and Certificates of Accreditation issued (if applicable) within sixty (60) calendar days of receipt of the completed application.

Accreditation is for a period of 3 years. There is an annual renewal fee, and at the 3rd anniversary of your accreditation we conduct an audit of
your work to ensure that you are maintaining an acceptable standard of documentation pursuant to your level of Accreditation.

Generally, the answer is yes. We would need a certified copy of your qualification and a written report from you outlining your building design
experience while residing in Australia.

Provided you have continuously been working as a building designer since gaining your qualification, we would consider that you have maintained currency of the qualification over that period. If you have only been intermittent in the profession, you will be required to complete your application as if you have no Prescribed Educational Qualification.

Unfortunately, no. We only conduct assessments on an individual basis, not a ‘job lot’. We cannot accredit companies, only individuals. The principal of a company could become Accredited and any work that required certification by an Accredited building designer would have to go out under his/her name.

Applicants who are employed by a company can be covered by that company’s PI Insurance while undertaking design work for that company.
If the Applicant were to undertake design work as an individual then they must carry their own PI Insurance. This requirement would also
apply should the applicant leave the employ of the company. A copy of the company’s PI Insurance certificate of currency must accompany the application.

Yes. A logo is issued to BDAA Accredited building designers and a unique BDAA Accreditation number to use on drawings, reports and correspondence while the participant remains Accredited.

All accreditation applications must be submitted electronically on our website If the file is too large we suggest using via Google Chrome. This is a free transmission service and is user friendly. Make sure you label your files according to the file naming protocol as described on the application form. If using wetransfer, ensure your folders are named with your surname followed by the initial of your first name.

State based licences do not automatically allow a building designer to undertake the above projects in all states. This requires verification.

It may be recognised as satisfying some of the requirements of the BDAA Accreditation program, but we will require a copy of your licence, samples of your documentation and copy of your PI Insurance certificate of currency.

Further information on the BDAA CPD program can be found on our website

Do not panic! We do not expect that all boxes will be ticked as there are many mitigating conditions that apply to each individual project. Just tick as many boxes as you can and for those that you are unable to tick, provide an explanation in one of the response boxes that are applicable to that particular project report.

Depending on the significance of that unticked box, you may be contacted by either the application checker or assessor to clarify your explanation.

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